True Barista…

Hey I made this video with my buddies Billy Wayne Davis, Erin Dewey Lennox, and Andy Peters. I made it cause people kept saying I looked like Matthew Mcconaughey… in Dallas Buyers Club.



Modern Comedian

My friend Scott followed me around LA while I got ready for Conan. Do I really sound like that?


Me on Conan!

Beach Dudes!

I’m a detective!

Modern Comedian

My buddy Scott Moran is making a series of awesome short documentaries about comedians, this most recent one is about Mitch Hedberg, and he sits down with Mitch’s widow, Lynn Shawcroft, to discuss Mitch’s writing process. They all are very very good. Watch them now, and then tell Scott how much you like him.

We Made it Weird…

You Made it Weird!

I had the extreme pleasure of getting weird with Pete Holmes on his awesome podcast. Click through to listen.

Donuts… Don’t Tell.

I’ll milk a pun till the cows come home.

The Return…

I’m coming home to headline the Comedy Underground, my home club, and I think you should come down and be there.